Step 3 – Strategies – Team

A :: Strategies and Tactics
Strategies are the plans and tactics are the tools we apply to making our goals a reality
How do we get to our goals?
What tools will we need to do to carry out our strategies?

B :: Team Building
Who is responsible for doing what?

When interviewing the following professionals you will want to interview them to determine if they will be a good fit for your individual situation. Keep in mind that you don’t have to like the same flavor of ice cream, but you should be comfortable with them.You will eventually have to have frank discussions about finances and end-of-life issues.

The following “little black book” of Farm Transitions Professionals is a place where you can keep track of the professionals you interview. It also includes a few questions you may want to ask each of them.  Print out a sheet for each professional to keep notes along with contact information.

Farm Transitions Professionals

C :: Finding a Successor
Write a job description – Whether the successor has been identified or not – you will be surprised how putting down on paper just what is expected and required to run the farm business. It can be an eye opener for the next generation farmer – they may not understand exactly what duties are involved in the business end of farming. It is more than the very visible chores of feeding, plowing, or repairing fence! The following worksheet includes an example of what a completed job description for a beef farm would look.

Job Description exercise (4)

D :: Compiling a Dossier for the farm

Regardless of how you plan on transitioning out of being the primary farmer for your business, it can be useful to the successor to have an inventory of what the farm business includes. This is not only a documentation of machinery and real-estate, it is also a place to include your values and farm history. This document need not be a memoir – nor should it be a laundry list – more of a hybrid of the two. The following example is a real farm in Minnesota, It looks and reads like a real-estate brochure. The owners of this farm are actively seeking a non-family member to take over their farm business and it is important to them that they find the right fit.

The following is one farm’s very interesting  way of marketing themselves to the next generation farmer - MARSHWATCH

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Thank you to Marshwatch for sharing their information. Worksheets are used with permission of John Baker -