Retirement & Estate Planning

A retirement plan addresses how and where the retiring person(s) want to live and lays out plans for anticipated income and health care needs. An estate plan directs the transfer of assets upon death, and typically involved several legal tools. Both are core components of a farm transfer plan.

Establishing a Will

How to plan so you can provide for your heirs the way you want to

University of Minnesota Extension
2 pages

Estate Planning Terms

Brief explanations of critical estate planning concepts and terms

Estate Planning and Taxation

Comprehensive online listing of linked resources from the National Agriculture Law Center

Getting Ready for Estate Planning

Worksheets to help organize information for estate planning

Purdue University

Farm Transfer and Estate Planning Fact Sheet

Stewardship issues in estate planning

American Farmland Trust
Farmland Information Center
2004, 1 page

Planning for a Secure Retirement 

10 modules include a variety of worksheets and on-line calculators to plan for retirement

Probate and Planning

Guide to estate planning tools and probate in Minnesota. 

Office of the Minnesota Attorney General

Estate Planning Series

Series of 11 in-depth guides on estate planning, probate, long-term care, and tax topics.
University of Minnesota Extension Educators: Gary A. Hachfeld, David B. Bau, and C. Robert Holcomb