New Farmers

Here’s a good place to start if you are interested in starting a new farm or have questions about inheriting farmland. The worksheets and final text for this page are still in production. We have sketched out for you a basic idea of what we will be developing over the next few months.

Step 1: Goals
Do you want a real farm, or a big garden? Do you want to be full time farming? Do you have children? Will you have children in the future?  Is your spouse equally interested in farming as you?  Which of you will be the lead farmer?
Step 2 : Prepare Yourself
What kind of farming do you like? Animals? Crops? Are you a marketer or is production your thing? Have you joined a farmer to farmer network? Do you need further education?  ( link to Ed programs). Business plans, financing, partnerships.
Step 3 ::  Start the Search
Identify a location and some potential access points I.e. are you willing to lease or do you really want to own land. Find a farm and gain access by interning or work as hired labor in exchange for knowledge or a portion of the farm business. Do you have you heart set on a specific location or type of farm? Remember, most people’s first home is called a “starter home” and they work their way up. You may need to start on one place that will work for the time being and graduate to the Ideal location: the huge completely remodeled 4 bedroom farmhouse with the wrap around porch over looking a pristine barn and a trout stream in the distance.
Step 4 :: Career Path
What’s your career path look like?  Benchmarks to success in years 1,2,3,4,5,etc…  What is your exit strategy if you don’t meet the benchmarks?
We will address many of the issues in step 4 in the next phase of Adjust 2015.