Farm Business Planning

A farm business plan covers management, finance, marketing, and operations. Both the process of business planning and portions of the plan itself figure prominently in farm transfer. The business plan states the vision and goals for the farm business and influences the timetable for transfer decisions and actions.

Farm Business Management

A comprehensive series of publications, all available online; includes series addressing finances, budgeting, marketing, taxes, and estate and transfer planning

University of Minnesota, Southwest Outreach and Research Center, 2006

Farm Transfers in Wisconsin: A Guide for Farmers

A comprehensive, friendly guide for farmers everywhere; includes farm business arrangements as well as family, financial, and legal considerations

Jeanne M. Meier and Gwen Garvey, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, 2003, 90 pages

Developing a Farm Business Plan

A vast list of resources for developing a farm business plan from the Beginning Farmers website.